Barclays gallery

These are from a project I worked on for Barclay's bank. I was asked to create graphics for a contents insurance app, which was designed to help customers evaluate which insurance policy best suited their needs.

The brief was to provide a series of isometric houses and rooms, where furniture and belongings could potentially be moved around.

Isometric houses

Isomatric Houses - Barclays - 8 House shapes Isomatric Houses - Barclays - Detached House Isomatric Houses - Barclays - Maisonette Isomatric Houses - Barclays - Semi-detached House Isomatric Houses - Barclays - Terraced House

Isometric rooms

Isomatric Rooms - Barclays - Bathroom Isomatric Rooms - Barclays - Garage Isomatric Rooms - Barclays - Garden Isomatric Rooms - Barclays - Kitchen Isomatric Rooms - Barclays - Living Room Isomatric Rooms - Barclays - Other Room

Concept work

Below are some examples of sketches, design ideas and preparatory work that I did for the client to help them to visualise the project, and to find a look and style that they were happy with.

Concept Work - Barclays - Sketch 2 Concept Work - Barclays - Sketch 1 Concept Work - Barclays - Room Style Concept Work - Barclays - Room Design Concept Work - Barclays - Final render Concept Work - Barclays - Iso 3D Concept Work - Barclays - Iso Draw Concept Work - Barclays - Bathroom Concept Work - Barclays - Prototype Concept Work - Barclays - House